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Had a chance meeting with Stoney B on Decatur St. in Nola on 9/19 on our way to dinner. We listened to you play a couple songs then bought a CD. I was the one who complained that you had a nicer car then me. I popped the CD in when we got home and was blown away. I love the blues and am looking forward to hearing some more of the Stoney B Blues band.
Just came home from watching and listening to you all perform at the Calgary International Blues Festival. You knocked my socks off, people. Every one of you is exceptional in is and her own right. Wonderful. Thanks for the experience.
My company hired the band for a corporate event at the San Diego Convention Center...THEY KILLED IT! Turned an informal business cocktail hour into a slice of blues heaven. Thanks to Janet, Annette, Lafayette and the members of the band for an outstanding performance! The crowd loved you!
Michael (Stoney)- My husband and I met you on Decatur on Tuesday night, March 19th. You first sang " You are My Pride and Joy", then you shared how you were flown to Texas for eleven months after Katrina, you then sang "Rain is Comin'" blues for us. I cried the whole time you were singing. You took a piece of brown paper bag and wrote Stoney B Blues on it, as well as your web site. I would have loved to sit down with a cup of coffee/drink with you. I have so many questions! There is a name and phone number on the other side of the bag that I don't think you intended to give away. If you want to email me, I'll give it to you. Sounds like you're a travelin' man. I also have a nice photo of you I can post on face book to you, or email you, if you have an address I can use. Hoping to hear back. Sherrie
Blues lives on, love the blues, come back to Temecula we Luv your Stoney B Blues Band****.
We love you guys! You really Rock the Venues with your Musical Talent and Vocals!! Keep us on your mailing list! Hope to see you again very soon! We are praying for Stoney B. to get well soon and re-join your OUTSTANDING BLUES BAND! XO Dollie
This band is HOTT!.They performed for an association gig in Mission Valley and was the talk of the gathering. They just lit it up and brought in such great energy. I recommend them to anyone that wants cool music!
Just letting you guys all know we truly enjoyed your shows at the Washington Parish Fair,.however we missed Howlin Wolf. Our thoughts and prayers are with him to fully recover and maybe next time we will get the honor to see and hear him as well.
you guys are the best, try to check you out whenever I can, please keep me posted on local dates.
Hey, Stoney B, I really enjoyed your blues concert at Rhythm City Grill last night - thanks for signing my CD! You guys are incredible! Hope to see another live performance from you guys soon. Until then, I'll keep listening to your CDs.
Caught you guys by chance visiting the Santa Ysabel Casino July 4, 2012. You played a strong set and you guys have a great sound. Count me as new fan! Please put me on your mailing list!
Lance's biggest for over 20 years
Hi Stoney, On holiday from the UK in 2010 we stopped and heard you play on some street in San Diego, even bought a really good cd. We will be over again this year, and hope to catch up with you!
Will Lance be playing at Winstons on June 25th?
I'm lost did you see any Hitman?
Lance Its tough to leave an Italian woman speechless! Rita
Hi folks. That was fun sitting in with you all tonight at the Escondido Elks club. Thank you Stoney B, for the invite. I enjoyed it. Wish we could have played a couple more tunes together. I see from your website that you play quite often. We will definitely be seeing each other again soon. Take care, break a leg. Let's stay in touch. Best regards, Paul.
Hi Stoney B i am from Australia and we seen you guys play at the House Of Blues in San Diego on the 30/03/2012 and you guys are awesome. I brought 3 of your cds and cant stop playing them. I wish you guys would come to Melbourne Australia to play i would definatley be going to see you let me know when you release a new cd. Thanks for a great night at the House Of Blues. Cheers John
I was at the House of Blues in San Diego for a network meeting making my way through the restaurant. When all of a sudden I heard this note...it came from an electric guitar, and charged thru my soul...Hallelujah! (my attention was captured). My soul was swept away, and my troubles were drowned by the melodic sounds of blues music. Stoney B you gentlemen and lady I am a fan for life. Thank you for bring some zest back into my like.
Love you lance! Sounds great!
Im a fan already!
Stoney I was so pleased to see my utube clips of you and Grandpa on your web site links ! We still watch them frequently after all these years.. I have a few others I I try to locate and post
Listening to the interview on KSDS with you and Annette . You Both da bomb. Real down home flavor. Gotta work Tuesday Night but I'll be buying this CD.
Michael - I was searching for you on the internet, I am very happy to see your success! Good luck and GOD bless! I am the officer who gave you the accoustic guitar and the guitar pick from my pocket after you arrived in Lubbock Texas in 2005. Keep rippin' it!
Heard you play in the Gas Light District in San Diego. Great band and fine music. We'll definately check you out again when we're in the area.
Congrats on your upcoming tour with BB!!!!
Oh Stoney, Oh Stoney!!! I remember you! So glad to see you up and running man! You still owe me a cigg for using my guitar that day..... You know?...!
stoney , I'm the boy from hammond that was shot in the head and in a wheelchair that would come to N.o. and washington county fair just to listen to you & grandpa for hours. i have worried my tail off about you after Katrina. elliot told me you moved. glad to see your O.k. I've missed you my brother. glad to see your o.k. May God bless you would love to see ya perform again. Keith.
This past monday I had the pleasure of seeing you jump in on a set at Patricks II in the Gaslamp. You are an excellent entertainer with a very casual cool style. I look forward to regularly catching your shows.
Hey, Stoney and Janet!!..Dis here Da Short Dawg! Can I get an AMEN! No finer Blues has been blessing San Diego since you are on the scene! See you this Friday at Pal Joey's ! :)
Great Chicago blues man entertainer and blues band. Great rockin tunes and dirty blues you can really groove to. Super nice manager/wife with a real blues man story to tell.
Would like to buy a few CD's.....
Hi from Canada...had a great couple of evenings with you guys! love the cd's, hope you get to washington state soon...steve, penny, john and i will be there FOR SURE!!!!! Thanks for the great music and memories....and janet, thanks for the hospitality....
My girl friend Dee and I really enjoyed meeting you, Janet and listening to your great music Sunday night at Coyote Bar & Grill in Carlsbad.
Looking forward to the 14th! Singin da Bluez
Hey Stoney, I am glad you and I got back in touch, since New Orleans. Your Dad Lil' Howlin' Wolf is like a Father to me too, I've been playing bass with him on and off since 1997 and love him like family. In fact he was the best man at my wedding in November. I enjoyed your videos and I like your band a lot. I know how hard it is to get a great blues band together. If I lived closer I would probably be trying to get your Bass players gig right now. Hope we get to jam sometime in the future.
I loved waching you and grampa Elliott play in new orleans when we visited Americai bought the cd which you both signed for me and i listen to it oftenand now its great having you as a friend on facebook i hope to see you again next time i visit America best wishes from England Peter W.
Miss you Stoney!! Always loved making music with you.
Great music. I first saw Stoney B at Raider Ally before a Texas Tech football game. Was hooked, right then.
Great music. I hope to see you live one day!!!
Saw you guys for the first time at South Park Abbey last night. You are awesome! Will be back for sure & bringing friends!
I had an AWESOME time Friday night at Pal Joey's watching ya'll play the Blues! Made me feel like I was back in New Orleans and I LOVED every minute of it! I can't wait to see you all play again real soon!!! Thank you again for makin' feel your music...it was an AWESOME experience!!!
Awesome music and I love the utube clips with Grandpa Elliott. It's a long way from the UK to San Diego, but would just love to see Stoney B Blues live. For the moment I'll enjoy playing the albums. Stoney B, you're a STAR :-) Graham
Dr. Good to see your still doin the doggone thang! Keep on doin what your doin!! & GOD be with you @ all times..
Just heard you last night at the Kraken and you rocked! Hope to see you all over town...will definitely check you out at Sout Park Bar and Grill as it is closer to my neighborhood. Good luck to you!
Thoroughly enjoyed listening. Looking forward to hearing you live.
Looking forward to attending a "gig" real soon.



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